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Yossilinks asks newcomers #2

Read the next interview from a UBC Master’s student from Israel new to our city.

YL: What is the first thing you needed when you moved to Vancouver?
A: Since the apartment we were entering to was unfurnished, the first thing we needed was to get it furnished.

YL: What is the first thing you wanted when you moved to Vancouver?
A: The first thing I wanted when I first came to Vancouver was be familiar with the neighborhood I was living in, to feel like I know the area.

YL: What has been challenging in your resettlement?
A: Culture shock…

YL: What was the first connection you made with your familiar Jewish culture?
A: The first time I was involved with the Jewish community in Vancouver was when I went to the Kollel on Broadway with Jewish friends that I knew from before I moved to the city.

YL: What services have you needed since arriving in Vancouver?
A: I needed to find a GP and a dentist.

YL: What do you like about Vancouver?
A: I like the nature that is surrounding the city and the fact that the air is clean (very low pollution).

LY: How do you feel about the weather here in Vancouver?
A: A bit too gloomy for my taste. I like that the summer is not too hot and the winter is not too cold, but I hate that it is always raining.

YL: What is your favorite spot/s?
A: English Bay.

YL: How long have you been in Vancouver?
A: 8 Months

YL: How did you hear about Yossilinks?
A: From family.

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