I am ushering in the New Year by re-reading Dr. Daniel Siegel’s inspiring book ‘Brainstorm’, An Inside-Out Guide to the Emerging Adolescent Mind, Ages 12-24.

One of the many pearls that Siegel adorns the reader with, is to treasure the creative power of the adolescent mind. It gives meaning and vitality to life.

Siegel goes further to beckon us to honour our own emotional sparks. By honoring these important internal sensations that are certainly more intense during adolescence, we can create meaning and vitality throughout our lives.
When we celebrate and give a toast while clanking glasses we say L’Chayim. This means ‘To Life’ in our Hebrew language and is conjugated from a simple three letter root.

Let us celebrate ways to coach our adolescents from their roots. Siegel states that how we navigate the waters of adolescence whether for young individuals themselves on the journey, or as adults walking with them, has the capacity to guide the turbulence into adventure.

I invite you to join me in the New Year to a parent coaching workshop series. Check out workshop dates on my website at www.adhdnavigation.com. You will discover more about your creativity and emerge to celebrate with the adolescent minds in your midst.


Yours in MOMentum,
Debbie Havusha

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