Let’s talk about Mental Health

Let’s talk NOT just on January 28th!

Have you seen the posters around town with National Mental Health Spokesperson Clara Hughes and her team; Howie Mandel, Michael Landsberg and Marie Walsh? They are all urging us to talk, tweet, text and share. This fifth year initiative will help grow Bell’s funding for Canadian mental health. (Bell.ca/Lets Talk)

It happens to many a mind. In fact they say 1 out of 5 will experience a mental health challenge at least once in their lifetime. Through developing self- management strategies and increasing public awareness, we will get more people living healthier lives.

I just attended a recent Pinwheel Education Series at Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre. I heard Andrea Piquette speak proudly about what inspired her to start Bipolar Babe and the programs she has since helped to create. In 2013 Bipolar Babe/The Bipolar Society of British Columbia received $160,000 from the Vancouver Foundation. They are planning a free Youth Forum in May in Victoria.

I recommend you to check out bipolarbabe.com. Help eliminate stigma and discrimination. Let’s talk with the elephants and the bipolar babes in the room.

Let’s talk, tweet and text about this, and not just on January 28th!

Yours in MOMentum,

Debbie Havusha

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